Alonso Gaona was born in Calarca (Quindio, Colombia). Writer, artist, human rights activist. A lover of simple prose. In 1998, Alonso Gaona wrote the novel “El adios de la tierra amada” (Farewell to Beloved Land), which was published two decades later in Seville (Spain). In 2012 he published his first original novel “El flaco y la ministra” (“Skinny and Madame Minister”). First book of saga “La Voz de mi Padre y 7 maldiciones de la Montana” (Voice of my Father and 7 curses of mountain) was published in 2022 (Spain).

In 2004, when coalition bombs rained down on Iraq, Alonso Gaona presented one of his most controversial works, entitled “Death of UN”. The painting was exhibited at the Consulate of Columbia in Manhattan (New York). Thus, the Colombian human rights artist protested against the loss of the influence of international humanitarian law and justice by the UN.  

“Death of UN”

And today, after a decade and a half, the artist, maintains his principled position considering that the work has not lost its relevance in the face of military conflicts and the deaths of civilians in many countries of the world.

The colour palette in his paintings is as bright and varied as that of many other Colombian artists.  His works are full of both happiness and longing.


The canvases of Gaona are not only a protest but also an attempt to penetrate deeper into the understanding of interpersonal relations in society and to open the curtain of secrets of the universe to those around them. His paintings are about this.

The author hopes that his works will be able become an object of attracting attention and a centre of discussion in various countries experiencing difficult times, striving for peace and prosperity for their citizens.

Having found his love in Ukraine, Alonso Gaona opened his heart to this beautiful European country, respecting the Ukrainian people, sincerely empathizing and condemning the organizers of the fratricidal war bleeding in the country.