Introducing the new book – “The Voice of My Father and the 7 Curses of the Mountain”

Written and addressed to the angels the story was never told.

Angus a resident of hell whose low academic performance in the classrooms of evil caused his banishment.

Launched one Sunday morning, he is welcomed by 6 spinster sisters, making him the angel of the Vista Hermosa hacienda.

Innocent and withdrawn, he will learn the challenging and fascinating mission of living among men until he faces his worst nightmare – “an unrequited love”

Celestial Legions and Hosts of darkness will ignite a personified spiritual battle between the deathly hatred of two brothers and their generations darkening the mountain with 7 curses.

The Voice of the Father and the reader will debate throughout the work in the mind of Félix de Bedout.

An egotistical escapist and literary exorcist in his process of extinction before the Divinity and the Power of his CREATOR.

                                            Alonso Gaona.

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